Friends of C’ville Monuments

A Trust to fund the Preservation and Improvement
of Charlottesville’s Historic Heritage.   

The trustees are volunteers, unpaid, contributing time and effort.  Other than operating and administrative costs like maintaining the website and accounting, all gifts go to the trust’s core purposes: protecting our monuments and buying new ones.   

We will defend our city’s monuments against threats and encroachments of any sort — litigating if necessary.  

And we will improve them, by adding more informative, better detailed explanations of the history of the statues and what they can teach us.  We must know the past to understand our present and prepare for a better future. 

The Trust supports a separate nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation called The Monument Fund, Inc.  Contributions to The Monument Fund are tax deductible.  Separate, because our Trustees have the flexibility to take action (like lobbying) prohibited to a nonprofit 501(c)(3).  

The Trust is expected to dissolve in two years, after it accomplishes it mission.  Any leftover money will be donated to historic preservation, to schools, and to charity.